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Meet the buyer

What is “Meet the Buyer” event?




Meet the Buyers event matches relevant buyers and sellers for private, individual ‘face-to-face’ meetings. Buyers take the stands and this is where sellers will go, by appointment only, for an introductory meeting.


BUYERS (multinational companies):


  • Solve sourcing problems

  • Discover suppliers they had no idea even existed,

  • Catch up with industry innovation,

  • Network with other industry buyers.


SELLERS/SUPPLIERS (local companies):


  • Have ‘face-to-face' interviews with buyers who actually want to meet new suppliers,

  • Network with fellow suppliers (on average gain 3 more sales leads from this),

  • Have the vital first meetings with key target buyers in just one day with NO cold calling or costly marketing.


Meet the Buyers runs through an appointment system so both buyers and suppliers can be assured of a busy & productive day.


Each supplier and buyer have their own appointment diary issued prior to the event and available at the stand and with the organizers throughout the event.


Meet the Buyers is an event that helps you save your time, money and effort!