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Free business reviews

Free business reviews for SMEs suppliers, based upon European Foundation for Quality Excellence practice, and full adherence to  Multinational audit methodologies regarding supplier potential.


These will be used to identify areas for improvement and to devise specific actions to build supplier capability.


This approach will enable the suppliers to benchmark themselves against world-class performance standards and to achieve continuous improvement towards increasing competitiveness at a strategic level.


Multinational Companies and large domestic companies from the target sectors will be invited to participate in the design of the company evaluations.


The process initially involves a one day business review of 200 Kazakh SMEs. During the visit to the participating enterprise, an extensive assessment document will be completed, evaluating all aspects of the business and identifying areas for improvement.


The identified areas are built into an improvement plan of short-term actions to be implemented over a three month period.


After the initial 3 month period, a second review will take place. 100 SMEs, which have achieved most success, in terms of the goals which were set out in their Improvement Plans will be selected from the 200 SMEs to move onto the second phase of the project