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Online “Meet the Buyer”- World Bank Support to Improve Competitiveness of Kazakhstan Companies

12 june 2020

Online “Meet the Buyer”- World Bank Support to Improve Competitiveness of Kazakhstan Companies

Supplier Development Project in Kazakhstan (hereinafter referred to as the SDPK), in partnership with JSC "Kazakhstan Industry and Export Center "QazIndustry", NCE Atameken and the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, organizes ONLINE event "Meet the Buyer", an event covering industrial sectors such as: oil and gas, metallurgy and mining. “ event as practical support to Kazakhstan companies to find buyer from Multinational Companies and enter global supply chains. SDPK will provide opportunities for local suppliers participating project to meet international buyers in person via online platform that is specially designed for this event, enabling them to see their purchasing requirements and to begin business negotiations.

The ONLINE "Meet the Buyer" will start at 9:00 a.m., Nur-Sultan time, 25 June 2020.

Meet the Buyer  is a unique opportunity to support the development of Kazakhstani suppliers capable of meeting the requirements for suppliers of multinational corporations (MNCs); to improve the management and production skills of small and medium businesses and improve the position of Kazakhstani small and medium enterprises in the supply chain.

Multinational companies have been invited to participate in this event, the list of which includes the leading companies of Kazakhstan that actively support the PPRK: KPO, TCO, ERG, NCOC, LUKOIL and Kazakhmys Corporation. This concept of online meetings is new to Kazakhstan and has only had a couple of previous events around the world.

Multinational corporations and major domestic buyers of the oil and gas, metallurgical and mining industries are invited to take part in the event, wishing to find suppliers. Information can be found at

The "Meet the Buyer" event is one of the central events in the mission of the SDPK to enhance SME competitiveness. This goal is achieved through conducting business assessments of companies, implementing plans to improve their own businesses; and providing international consulting support and training seminars tailored to the individual needs of Kazakhstani small and medium-sized enterprises participating in the Supplier Development Project.






SDPK is a project implemented by the Greek consulting company Euroconsultants S.A., where the main beneficiary is the Ministry of National Economy, and the main partners are JSC "Kazakhstan Industry and Export Center "QazIndustry" and NCE RK "Atameken".

The purpose of the Supplier Development Program is to increase the competitiveness of Kazakhstan's small and medium-sized enterprises producing products and providing services in the oil and gas, metallurgical and mining industries, and to strengthen their position in supply chains. The main objectives are to expand ties between small and medium-sized enterprises and large domestic and international corporations operating in Kazakhstan; and to enable Kazakhstani small and medium-sized enterprises to become certified suppliers to large foreign and domestic companies operating in Kazakhstan. SDPK works with selected small and medium-sized businesses to improve their ability to meet the quality and reliability requirements of large buyers, and to promote their relationships with MNCs and domestic large buyers.

The goal of SDPK is to make SMEs the first choice for transnational corporations operating in Kazakhstan.

More information about the project can be found at:

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